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Life can easily get busy and the last thing some people worry about is their finances. They have a general idea and rely on others to keep their finances stable within stocks and bonds so they can enjoy the fast life. They are non-stop moving so why would they want to spend the little free time they have to go through their finances to make sure everything is in order and invested in products that are in their best interest? Sadly entrepreneurs are usually surrounded by experts who don’t talk to each other and only represent their “view” which not surprisingly has a product or bill attached to it.


Client Profile - Jack and Marie

During a dinner with a potential client,  Jack and Marie, we asked where they held most of their investments. Their answer? $10 million of their assets were held at a Trust Company and mainly in stocks and bonds. Our response: why not buy some real estate in the town where their kids attend college? They could rent it out to their kids to teach them responsibility. Then, as a bonus, when the kids graduate college, Jack and Marie would have a non-correlated asset they could sell.

This idea intrigued them. They assumed  if they hired us they would need to move all of their assets to be under us. That is not how we work. For most companies, when you take your assets to them and ask where they should go, the first response you get is the funds should go in their own products, even if it is not something you were looking at. After they learned how we don’t want their assets moved to be under us, the conversation changed. They were more open to our thoughts and ideas. Within months of that dinner, they hired us and became our largest client for planning.

We do not want your assets held with us, at least not in the first six months of planning. Instead, we want you to keep it where it as we start the planning process. Do not worry about your little free time being about your investments. We work with you on your customized two-year plan that includes meetings about you without you. What does that mean? We meet with your other experts, insurance, CPA, and lawyer, just to name a few and with your permission, to discuss your needs and goals without you having to facilitate the conversation. We work with your team to make sure your goals, such as strategic philanthropy, are a part of your planning plan. You can enjoy the busy life, knowing we are here and have your back.

Be a Jack and Marie. Invest in an advisor that listens to you and will not simply put you in their company’s product, but instead will do what is best for you.

All names have been changed to protect client identities.

We've helped others like you

CCWMG has served our clients since our inception in 2003. Our team and subject matter partners have over 100 years of combined financial services experience.

Team approach around your goals

We help you integrate your existing team if you have one, or help you build a team using our core structure and third party independent specialists. That usually includes an investment manager, insurance specialist, CPA, lawyer, and more. These professionals all work together to develop and implement the strategy to best accomplish your goals and objectives.


We coordinate all aspects of your financial situation from college to retirement planning, income tax, cash flow concerns, investment planning and analysis, risk management, and estate planning.


We strive to earn your trust in everything we do. We do this by being completely honest, doing what we promise we will do, and only making recommendations that are in your best interest.

You choose the way we get compensated

We use an industry leading "retainer-based" approach for our planning clients. This approach does not require assets to be with us. You can also engage us for asset management services; in this engagement, we receive fee-based compensation. Our motivation is to keep you happy through superior client service, innovative financial and investment strategies, and value-added solutions.

We understand alternative assets

Our clients own many kinds of assets: some own private businesses, real estate, or private equity. We help our clients make decisions on these assets.

We make your financial life easy to understand and track

Utilize our online LIFE Vision portal and continue to invest in technology to help serve your needs. You receive access to our LIFE Vision portal, allowing you to view all of your accounts in one place as well as an online vault to store all of your financial documents.


We do not maintain custody of client assets. We adhere to a strict client confidentiality agreement and do not share any personal client information with unauthorized third parties.


Wouldn’t you like to know if you are on the right financial path? Schedule your Second Opinion Service meeting, and speak with an experienced advisor. The only cost is your time – the results could be invaluable. Great things start with a conversation.

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Top 12 benefits of Retainer-Based Planning.

There are several differences between retainer-based advisors and standard advisors, some that people don’t even think about. Check out the top 12 benefits of retainer-based planning!

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Top 12 benefits of Retainer-Based Planning.

There are several differences between retainer-based advisors and standard advisors, some that people don’t even think about. Check out the top 12 benefits of retainer-based planning!

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The top 12 benefits of Retainer-Based Planning.

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