Fred has been an avid speaker his entire career. He can speak to the general public and registered financial advisors.

We provide speaking engagements for financial advisors focused on several key areas. Fred is ready to talk about the future of financial advising, retainer-based planning, productivity hacks and ways to build a better service business, and the technologies businesses need in the modern marketplace.

For audiences who are not financial advisors, Fred can entertain and educate on alternative investments, how foundations and high net worth families invest, and give foundational “basics” of investing for all levels of investors.

Fred carefully crafts and tailors each talk to his audience. He draws upon his 20-plus years of industry experience and the universal principles of success in the industry and life.

He regularly speaks to Chambers of Commerce, networking groups, and other financial advisors to implement better systems to grow personally and professionally.

He is a gifted speaker and his self-deprecating smile gets the crowds laughing, even as they’re taking notes and hanging on his every word. Fred is a gifted storyteller and his life experience has brought nuggets of wisdom wrapped in entertainment that will have your crowd asking to bring him back again and again.

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