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Household Endowment Model

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Household Endowment Model

Are you looking for new advisor to manage your assets? Maybe you recently retired, but are concerned about what happens financially afterwards? After all, once you retire there really is no way to step fully out of retirement again. Not retired yet, but close to it and want to get your assets in order prior to the big life change? Don’t worry, we’ve seen these situations, and countless others, with current clients and know the next steps.

Our guiding principles for investments are: effective diversification, active management, cost efficient, and tax efficient.

One of our longest client relationships is with one of our retired clients, Seth. After years of planning his retirement, it was finally happening in the fall of 2018.  In the months leading up to his retirement, Seth met with us almost every month to make sure everything was in order. He was not entirely comfortable with having most of his funds in the stock market and wanted to other options so once he retired he didn’t worry as much. Throughout meetings with him, we were able to set him up in different programs closely matching his risk tolerance. How were we able to do this? Well, with our 20 plus years’ experience with alternative investments, we knew what could complement his traditional strategies with some non-traditional strategies. By doing this, we increased his passive income with decreasing risk.

That is not all though. While we were helping him become comfortable with his assets leading into retirement, we also shopped around for life and long-term care insurance. He did not have any existing insurance policies in place so we did some shopping for him. What do we mean by shopping around?  It’s simple; we ran multiple quotes from various insurance companies to see what best fit his needs.. From there, we presented Seth with the top three and let him tell us which one he wanted to go with. By giving him various options, he was able to choose the one he felt more comfortable doing without forcing him to be put in a box. If he didn’t like any, we went back to shopping to finds others that would fit his needs.

There are a lot of Seth’s out there, each one with their own concerns and situations. We are here to help all the Seths in the world, no matter the concern or situation. Don’t think you’re similar to Seth? No worries, we are still happy to meet with you to see where we can help.

All names have been changed to protect client identities.


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